Author Topic: All of a Sudden..... Can't access my media from "folder view"  (Read 729 times)

June 21, 2010, 05:51:24 AM
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Everything has been working great with my WDTV Live until today.  For some strange reason I click on a folder called "God Smack" and hit play to play everything in that folder.  Now, I get "no media in this folder".  I can play each folder separetly, but its a pain to have to go back into the main menu and select the folder>play, etc.  What could have happened?  I haven't changed anything! What's even stranger is: My pictures, videos work as they always had- BY pushing play it plays the entire folder.  For example> my pictures> click play and all my pcs are displayed.  Its my music that is messed up.  Can someone plz help?  Thank you!