Author Topic: Sporadic MP3 Thumbnail Display  (Read 1016 times)

May 29, 2010, 12:34:41 PM
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I've been having some trouble getting the album art thumbnails to display for MP3s. Despite the presence of 'Folder.jpg' (and a couple of 'AlbumArt*.jpg') in each albums folder, only a few of them actually displayed. Which ones worked seemed to correlate with whether the cover art was obtained using Windows Media player's 'Get album info' function (bad) or by manually adding cover art using the 'Paste cover art' function (works most of the time but not always). As far as I can tell, both methods generate hidden/system files 'folder.jpg' and 'AlbumArt<whatever>.jpg'. If I believe the WDTV manual, that should get the job done, at least in 'Album' view.

After some research, I got a copy of MP3Tag and tried embedding the art directly into the MP3 files. As a test, I embedded cover art into nine albums, copied the first track of each album to an empty flash drive, and plugged it into the WDTV. The thumbnails display fine in 'All Music' view and 'Artist' view (all nine albums are the same artist). But in 'Album' view only six of the nine display, with no difference that I can determine between the ones that work and the ones that don't.

Any ideas? Known problem?

Latest firmware, I think (1.01.77).