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WDTV Wired/Wireless Poll ** Poll Update: already 700+ WDTVs really connected **

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The wdtv community is getting bigger & bigger and you keep forgetting who-is-who.

I thought it is time for this poll so at least you get to know a little bit more about the people you are sharing this little black box with.

Thanks for spending time answering this poll. :)

ok, but where is both? =)

--- Quote from: rezmus on May 04, 2009, 06:18:05 AM ---ok, but where is both? =)

--- End quote ---

:D designing a poll is always tricky.

 :o Already/Only 181 people on this forum got their wdtv connected  ???

cable becouse have lower performance impact to WDTV CPU
and cable is also providing option have WDTV connected wirelesly with wifi-routers (they have own CPU for wireless stack and provide strong encryption WDTV with WPA/WPA2 noway with HD content We should be real and dont wait all from WDTV HW

Topic is now sticky ;) I have also open POLL one is on wiki.wdtv.org and second (color schemes is other post)


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