Author Topic: Problem with B-RAD firmware & xnetmount moviesheets  (Read 699 times)

May 22, 2010, 08:05:46 AM
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Everything was working 100% for the past few months on all 3 of my WDTV Live units. Every few days they would be locked up and need a hard reboot. But today they were locked up and i did a hard reboot and now i cannot get them to work. When booting up i see it scanning (flashing, scanning for movie sheets) like they always do only this time, they never stop.. I verified all files and usb sticks and nothing has changed or corrupted. I tried deleted them and reinstalling the files, moving usb sticks around in case certain wdtv live's were defective. but nothing makes a difference. I have left them alone and its now been 2 hours and they are still scanning, when this normaly takes less than 2 minutes.

any thoughts?