Author Topic: REQ 1.02.21 : Play files without interval  (Read 785 times)

May 19, 2010, 04:58:03 AM
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Most satellite receivers have a pvr that works with FAT32. That means that most records are split into 2 or more files (e.g. .ts, 001, or .trp., 001, 002,).
The wd media player can play these files subsequently, but there is always an small interval between each files finishing and the next starting.
One could of course merge the files and migrate to NTFS, but then you can't play the record anymore with the receiver which needs a FAT32 hdd.

So it would be a great gain for satellite users if wd could write or include some software as to make it possible for the media player to play the files without interval.
Could this be achieved?