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May 05, 2010, 08:28:42 PM
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Different movies has different aspect ratio

Most of us use HDMI for WDTV, and certainly using widescreen TV (either LCD or plasma) for that

I wish WDTV v2 next firmware has option to adjust any video aspect ratio, into full widescreen 16:9

Yes, i know .. the image will be a lil bit stretched upward too, but it's quite nicer compared to limited visibility because of black bar on the upper and lower edge

I'm awared that most TV can adjust aspect ratio for any movie to 16:9, but it's just not always work. I tried this feature on my TV, and the stretched video image is overscanned, which is annoying since I can't read the subtitle completely ... "OPTION" menu on upper screen from WDTV will also cut down if I use aspect ratio adjustment from my TV

So please WD, give us options to stretch video ... most of DVD player can do this, I guess WDTV is much better than DVD player, right?

And also, please consider the following feature:
1) Option to disable auto power ON when WDTV has connected to electricity. I connect my WDTV through av receiver, but if I turn on my receiver, the WDTV is auto powered .. while at that moment I intend to play video games and don't want to use WDTV

2) Option for off timer ... 30 minutes to 4 hour will be sufficient. Sometimes I just enjoy playing music while going off to bed .. so it's good to let WDTV play my music until I fall asleep, and the WDTV can go off too after I wake up

Do our posting here will actually be read by WD development team? Cause i'm really seriously about this improvement on WDTV, which make WDTV will beat most of media player out there

Reason why I choose WDTV? I like the UI menu, I like the brand .. WD sounds nice

I hate many HD media player brand which sounds a bit flimsy and you know, cheap

August 21, 2010, 12:50:47 PM
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I'm totally with you on the Aspect Ratio-thing.
Hopefully they will be in the option-bar in the next update.