Author Topic: Bug v.1.02.21...Subtitle Positioning Killer Bug  (Read 873 times)

April 28, 2010, 05:10:33 PM
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After vowing not to do any upgrades since it took me nearly a month to get everything working right on my wireless setup...i ignored this latest update for a few days until i read the fix sheet.  The only thing that made me change my mind was the 'adjust subtitle vertical position' feature.  Some files were indeed annoying with the subs way too high. So after upgrading...i tested everything else first...all was good.  Then i tested the new feature...adjusted quite a few subs with the down-arrow...and worked like a charm.
Suddenly i discover that if the subtitle file is not .srt (subs/idx) the minute you press the down-arrow freezes not only the movie but the whole device.  Nothing will ever make it work properly again short of a power recycle.  I did reproduce this a few times.  Long story short...this is a company with an absolute winner of a product, but who is intent on bringing it down by hiring sub-par software developers.