Author Topic: USB DAC recommendations for my setup?  (Read 1347 times)

April 09, 2010, 10:27:21 AM
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As I understand it, the WDTV downsamples to 16-bit, but at least 24/96 will play. So I would prefer to go with a 24/96 when/if I upgrate to an audio player. BTW, the WDTV works great for me as a video player.

Anyway, my setup: WVTV Live (not networked, but free-standing), fed by an external USB JBOD HD (Not connected to a PC, but free-standing), and Toslink for the audio out to my pre-amp/processor.

Several USB DACS look attractive (like the affordable HRT II+) but most USB DACS are for a PC setup. Some require drivers and are more like a glorified sound card. Or else they are WAY too expensive (and dont support USB inputs anyway).

Any suggestions?


April 11, 2010, 12:56:16 AM
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can you connect a usb sound device to a wdtv?? is that what you are suggesting???  I kind of doubt it, but maybe you can ... there are heaps of cheap ones out there ... but the drivers for it???  I'm not quite seeing this ...  Why not use the optical out of the wdtv ... are you saying that it downsamples the digital audio out???  That would be a curse, but wouldn't it also apply to a usb device if it worked??

Are you sure it truncates to 16 bit??  I'd love to know ... its a sweet sounding thing to me ... awesome ... I suspected 24 bit, so I'm a "bit" gutted ...  I would suspect 48 Khz (which is all I ever use anyway), with downsampling of 96 etc.  I've played 24bit/96khz no worries just as you have said, but I haven't found the specs anywhere

September 10, 2013, 05:15:38 AM
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Old topic but i was considering it.

I want to evaluate all digital output capabilities of wdtv live.

So here are a few tests with dac USB, the context is :
-latest offcial firmware
-full boot with the usb dac connected
-audio output set by default to stereo (so digital output are functionnal as well)
-trying to play some FLAC 16/96 and 24/96

wdtv live -> USB -> Musical Fidelity M1DAC : show a 44.1 kHz as input audio on the DAC but no sound is transmitted. It seems like DAC is recognized but not functional.

wdtv live -> USB dongle ---> radio ----> nuForce Air DAC : no sound, not functional.

on both tests, optical output and stereo analog output are ok.

Conclusion : no support for DAC via USB (at least these two models)
both DACs works great on Windows, Mac, ubuntu without any drivers needed.
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