Author Topic: Please help!Loose network after 1hr.  (Read 649 times)

April 04, 2010, 11:36:31 AM
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I have been using the WDTV networked with Brads homebrew for 6 months with no problem.I recently changed my modem router when I switched to cable internet.I reconfigured the export file as well as the net mounts to correspond with the new IPs the router provided.All went well and my library appeared on the WDTV screen and I was able to load files and play files.HOWEVER,once the file finishes playing (60-120 min.)although the library still appears, it will not load any more files.I must disconnect the electricity-reconnect and then I am good to go again-but only for one file at a time.It always lets me finish the file but then I must disconnect and reconnect the electricity to be able to load the file again.It seems to loose the network(although not the library listing) after a certain period of time.
I have tried static IP and DHCP alternatvely for both the box and the computer but it makes no difference..Does anybody have a clue as to what I could try?Thanks