Author Topic: 1.02.07 Now WD's official software  (Read 3944 times)

May 05, 2009, 05:30:58 AM
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Hi there.
You are taking this matter as a minor issue, but it isn't. The true is that many 1080p - DTS - Ext subs films are stuttering. IF you turn the subs off, it becomes normal again, So SDA i understand you perfectely.
A friend of mine as muxed the legends inside the MKV instead of leaving them externely, and now the films stopped stuttering.
So for all you folks having this problem you only have two ways, use ssa legends in FW 1.01.02 or put your legends inside your MKV's in this last FW.

Best regards from Portugal.

WDTV, Mypassport Essential 320gb, 1.02.07, many 1080p .MKV videos (no DTS audio though), finnish external subtitles...

-> Not a single glitch in playback.

I am totally and perfectly happy with the device as it is now (well, except for the awaited jump to -feature..)!