Author Topic: Netcast/Podcast streaming inadequacy of WDTV Live  (Read 1497 times)

April 05, 2012, 04:25:11 PM
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How Can we watch TWIT without MediaFly? I wish that the WDTV Live player had an Apps store like the Android Market. I can watch TWIT on my 2.5" Android phone with the TWIT App  but not on my TV with WDTV Live. Something is wrong here. As much as I hate Apple's walled garden approach they do have the Apps store to support the hardware. WD makes you wait for an update that may have some useful features/Apps in it, or not. The only one of the "internet media" utilities I did use on a daily bases was Mediafly and now its gone. The other way to go would be for WD to have its own Mediafly like netcast/podcast utility built into the OS properly so it works without crashing. As much as I loved Medially it did have the annoying problem of crashing my player to the point where I had to unplug the power supply and reboot it. Can you imagine the whining if Apple TV did that! It was really unacceptable. WD needs to build in a stable browser  for streaming audio and video netcasts/podcasts or they will be left in the dust of history as a temporary sollution to intigrating the computer end the television. As I type this big players like Google, Apple, Samsung, Sony, are develpoping products that can and will deliver the ability to find and watch a netcast/podcast on your television without turning on your PC. WDTV Live is great for playing Video files off a hard drive. However, the media world is changing to a "cloud" based system where the user doesn't need to download the file and store it first then watch it. This especially true for content like the news where it is a waste of time saving it. Just my opinion.