Author Topic: BUG V1.02.07 - Video titles saved in CAPS but appear in upper & lower case  (Read 1094 times)

April 30, 2009, 04:30:03 AM
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When i save my movies to my hardrive on windows i make the titles to be written all in CAPITAL letters as i find it easier to read the movie titles in windows and on the WDTV. It works perfectly fine when exploring files in windows, all the files have indeed been titled in caps. However out of say around the 60 movies i have on my hardrive at the moment about 50 of them show up perfectly all in CAPS just as the files were named in windows, and when i go to "all video" on the WDTV i have all the movies and their thumbnails come up correctly and in alphabetical order, which i am very pleased about, however after those first 50 the other 10 that are titled in caps in windows, appear on the screen in WDTV in upper and lower text and commence a new alphabetical list for the remaining ten after the last title that appears in CAPS.
This is how it looks, i have the movie titled, '16 BLOCKS' first which is correct then all the way down to 'ZACK AND MIRI MAKE A PORNO', which is all fine then i have a movie titled 'college', then 'hitman' and so on, all in upper and lower, even though the titles are written in caps in windows. It isn't a major concern but would be nice if the problem was ironed out. It also appears the movies are single name titles that this happens to, 'waiting', 'rambo', 'jumper' etc. but some other single name titles appear fine all in caps 'APOCALYPTO' and even just '21' all apear correct and in the first set of aplhabetical titles.
Is anyone else experiencing this too?

May 02, 2009, 03:17:01 AM
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I think it's more likely that Windows is fooling you.

I seem to remember in older Windows and or older filesystems, that under some circumstances Windows would show filenames that were in reality lowercase, as uppercase.