Author Topic: VOB2MKV-1.0.4 released  (Read 2057 times)

March 29, 2010, 08:01:07 PM
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VOB2MKV is a set of DirectShow filters and other utilities for converting VOB (MPG) files to Matroska format (MKV), without having to transcode the data in the files.  The VOB2MKV project is hosted here:

VOB2MKV-1.0.4 is a feature update release.  The primary change is that the command-line parsing in the VOB2MKV app has been greatly improved.  You can now get help using the --help switch.  The README.TXT file has an extensive description of the switches and how to use them.

There is a new, splitter-style filter, MKVSPLIT, which demuxes a stream-based source, such as a local file (via the Async Reader filter) or a network download (via the URL Source filter).

The VOB2MKV app also supports a script mode, for use when the app is called from within a script.  Output from the app has a format that is easily parseable.  An example script, CallVob2Mkv.vbs, demonstrates how to capture the output and parse it using a regular expression.

Full source code is provided for all of the DirectShow filters in the VOB2MKV project.  You can find the source code on the Source Code tab of the project home page, or use SVN to download it directly.  The URL for the Subversion repository is:

The trunk and release URLs are: