Author Topic: No audio with video after conversion using Arc Soft from DVD  (Read 689 times)

March 15, 2010, 05:43:33 AM
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I'm fairly new to these forums and a novice when using my recently aquired WDTV. My first experince with WDTV was to convert a home made DVD from my DVR for playback on the WDTV using the ArcSoft software that came with the player. The video appears to play fine, however there is no audio playback. The WDTV is connected via hdmi to my TV. The file appears to be converted successfully to .avi format. I've checked all the connection and re-checked the orginal dvd which plays audio and video just fine.

My first question is there a better conversion tool other than one the supplied. Second, is there something I may be missing when performing the conversion. The process took about 4 hours to convert a 2.73 gb file (which didn't seem out of ordinary).
I did not get any error messages and computer seem to handle the process without a hitch.

My best guess is that another conversion tool or different file format may be the answer. Again, the video appears to play nice, there is just no audio playback.

I appreciate in advance any information or guidance.