Author Topic: (1.01.24) Windows share of usb-harddrive not showing  (Read 1005 times)

March 13, 2010, 12:26:41 AM
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After a bunch of work i managed to access my windows shares on the wd live, but i've a strange "bug" which may be caused by my windows xp:

I can see all window shares for any directory/partition i create for installed harddrives in my computer.
Then i've 2 additional external harddrives connected via USB to my computer. No matter if create a share for a partition or a single directory on any of these usb-drives : WD TV Live wont show any of these. The other created shares are still working thou.

Any clue which may cause this behaviour?

By the way ... funny thing: IF i manage to let the wd live see my laptop on the network ... and have the 2TB harddisk connected to the laptop - the wd live sees the share on the external drive and i can access it. So its got to be a problem with my main-computer

And now .. for the really funny part: If i create a share for an external plugged USB-STICK (not harddrive) ... The WD TV Live shows me that share and i can access it.
But still no luck with shared external harddrives on my main-computer.
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