Author Topic: BUG v1.01.24 Network Icon not responding  (Read 929 times)

March 10, 2010, 11:53:52 PM
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I have updated my firmware to x.24 and I have noticed that once i set a static ip to the Live I can no longer acces my network through the unit. All drives connected to the unit are still visible from my laptop but not vice versa. Last night before going to sleep I reconfigured the live to obtain ip automatically and this morning when I woke up to continue tweeking it i noticed that the network was visible again. I then proceeded to manually set the ip and the same effect: network icon not responding.I have tryed to restart both the router and the live but to no success. Also, this bug was valid for the x.17 firmware from which I have upgraded yesterday [after first noticing this behaviour]. Hope for a fix soon :). Thank you guys for great support