Author Topic: Movie Info Display & Go-to  (Read 682 times)

March 08, 2010, 01:14:02 PM
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If you were able to have a simple .txt file in the same folder as the movie, and then say, when you hover over the movie folder, the text would appear in a little box, or somewhere around the interface. To prevent flooding, only the first 300 characters or something could be displayed. Either way, this feature MUST be implemented, it is so important!

It could even be linked to IMDB (for the versions that can connect to the net), finding the simple movie descriptions associated with each film name.

It's such a vital feature of the WDTV I'd be willing to risk custom firmware to get it.
I've been wanting this feature for ages. Are there any custom firmwares that allow you to do this?

Also, a go-to function would be nice :)