Author Topic: Dvd Collection To WDTV  (Read 8331 times)

April 07, 2009, 06:06:42 AM
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I'm in process of doing the conversion from DVDs to WDTV files right now.

I'm using the Handbrake program, and convert to MKV file with H.264 codec with sound passthrough. I set the file size to 1400 MB and the quality is not distinguishable from the DVD original. The chapters are also preserved.

If you're interested I can publish my Handbrake settings that proved to be excellent looking on WDTV.

April 07, 2009, 08:37:36 AM
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I have been using DVDFab Platinum for this same process.

I have tested both Xvid and MKV from the newest version of the software.  I do not do a limited file size, but rather a fixed bitrate with the DVD resolution.  I aim for .25 bits/pixel in the settings, and so I do each file separately.  My bitrate varies from 1600-2000 and my files are sized from 1.2 GB to about 2.1 GB for longer movies.  So far I like the software because its fast and most movies are superb on the WDTV.  I am thinking that the MKV chapter and multiple audio formats might be nice, but I have stuck with AVIs so I have the ability to also stream to my PS3.

At this point the real factor in the moving DVDs to the WDTV is the time for all the DVDs.

I have been running 2-pass encoding for higher quality and rips can take 60-90 min for a movie, and 90-180 min for TV shows with many episodes on a disc.  I figured at a normal rate I am looking at 200 days of encoding for my DVD collection.

However, I think DVDFab is a great software and a 1 software solution to getting DVD->WDTV playable files.