Author Topic: Recommendations for creating sub/idx for the WDTV  (Read 5753 times)

February 25, 2010, 12:27:07 PM
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I need subtitles in Hebrew, and I don't expect WD to add RTL support, so I'm going the sub/idx way, which uses images.

I'm using SubtitleCreator to convert srt files to sub/idx, but I have quite a few issues. I'd appreciate any tips on the following:

  • First, anything on choosing the right palette for the subtitles. It was mentioned that the WDTV only supports B/W subtitles (with sub/idx) and interprets the palette in a strange way (only supports grayscale plus some transparent levels of black). In my experiments I was never able to get semi transparent subtitles, and I sometimes get subtitles with border and sometimes not. I've played a lot with it, but I don't yet have a consistent list of settings to get decent subtitles (e.g. white with black outline).
  • Is there a way to generate subtitles with a resolution higher than SD (720x480/576)? The text based subtitles use high resolution, but the sub/idx files produced by SubtitleCreator looks very choppy on HD video (esp. since there's no semi transparent support)
  • Can subtitles with sub/idx use more than 4 colors? It seems not, but if so, I could use more shades of gray to get more rounded characters (again, assuming transparency)?
  • Is there another image based subtitle format that can be used to generate good looking subtitles?

Thanks in advance,

February 26, 2010, 08:48:40 PM
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April 13, 2010, 10:29:59 PM
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Hi Barakori,

The WDTV1 change idx to gray scale and it lost outline when you use tool convert into idx. I have some infor about the color rule from Mr.Mod. Idx show as normal in WDTV live.

Besides, the color image idx is dvd standard when using subtitle creator.

I add a new features in Subtitle Creator(tool from subtitle creator team). If you like to use this upgrade tool. try it

1. It has funtion save idx for WDTV1: have white text and black outline
2. you can save idx with 720p/1080 images by click on buttons on the right panel and change font size format bigger like: 36 for 720p/72 for 1080p

Note: if you use WDTV live, you should select outline and alias color is Black for good view and select from menu [Save Vobsud idx] to export idx

Hope this can help

April 27, 2010, 08:37:26 AM
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I have a WDTV G2 and started to use AVIAddXSubs 9.5 to convert my srt's to idx/sub to use custom fonts e color.

But I have a problem: WDTV doesn't show the last subtitle's line. I need to add a last one with a invisible character (alt+255) to get WDTV to show the last line.

Do you have any idea to solve this problem?