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August 19, 2013, 04:25:28 PM
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I know this has probably been asked a lot on here, and there are probably a million threads explaining it, but could someone please point me in the direction as to how you go about getting these movie sheets on your WD box's ?

I've got a mac (doesn't have windows on it tho), so I'm just wondering what software I need to create these, or if there are templates etc that I can just use for the films etc.  What files I need to have for each movie and the best folder structure to use etc.

Happy to look through threads if you can point me in the right direction.

I have a WDTV Live box (not the hub) with a 1tb wd passport plugged into the USB port.  I've also got a 2tb NAS drive plugged into my router and can stream direct from that.

Thanks in advance guys.

I have to say some of the movie sheets shown on this thread are amazing, and I'm very jealous.  I really want to have these for all of my movies.


Hi cronemeister,

It's my understanding that there are aren't any programs written specifically for the MAC.

If you are feeling adventurous you could try and install SheetMaker for Linux which is written in Perl and theoretically should run on the MAC with some perl fiddling.

I'd really like to see someone successfully run SML on a MAC because I've had many MAC users ask.
Some have tried but they were trying to use the native perl system supplied with OSX which stumbles on GTK2 modules that were sourced from the CPAN repositories.

I don't have access to a MAC but my reading has suggested that if you use the Perl resources available from the 'MacPorts Project' then you stand a pretty good chance of getting it to work.

If I can quote some instructions from the popular perl-based software 'GCstar Collections Manager' web site for MAC installation using MacPorts ...

First step is to install gtk2-perl. This is done through this command:

Code: [Select]
sudo port install p5-gtk2
This should also install Perl and Gtk2. While there is already a Perl binary in /usr/local/bin, the new one will be /opt/local/bin/perl.

You can then install the other required packages depending on what the SML code says is missing, using commands similar to the following examples:
Code: [Select]
sudo port install p5-archive-zip
sudo port install p5-xml-tokeparser

So follow the SML install instructions but when it comes to the instructions to install CPAN modules, just substitute them with the MacPorts type commands as suggested above (one for each missing module).

It would probably be a good idea to start with the command-line version ( since it doesn't need the GTK2 stuff, and if this works then the GUI program should be easy to get going.

If you get to the stage of trying to run SheetMaker, you may have to alter the first line of each of the programs which tells it where to find your perl libraries.
e.g. change '#!/usr/bin/perl' to '#!/opt/local/bin/perl'

Hope you can have a go at this.

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