Author Topic: Farsi (Persian) Subtitle support?  (Read 923 times)

February 22, 2010, 10:07:37 PM
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I'm new here. I just have a real concern and thought it will be worth sharing it with you. Browsing through the pages here, I get the feeling that you care for other people's problems. So here is the deal.
My problem is the laguage support for Farsi (Persian) language while using srt subtitles. FYI, Farsi and Arabic are right-to-left languages and share the same alphabet (almost). So, basically if WDTV can support Arabic (which has a wider range of audience), it will support Farsi as well. I sent a request email to the support guys at WD about a year ago. They informed me that, "hopefully, WDTV will support Arabic when the next FW update is out."
Unfortunately, 1.02.07 does not support my language. Therefore, I wanted to ask you guys and see if you can help me out or not. Maybe you can include the support for my language of request in your next custom beta release.
I would appreciate your help. As you see here, my English is not that bad. (In fact, I am a translator (and a movie buff)). I am asking this for my family member who don't know much English.
I'm sorry if my post was too long.
Thanks in advance.