Author Topic: WDTV Hidden behind really annoying ISP (VPN Private IP assignment) Routing  (Read 2128 times)

February 18, 2010, 01:17:36 AM
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Quite a lot of views, guessing most of you have read and thought "No chance, not possible"
Any sort of help is appreciated as still trying to figure out a solution over here :(


Hi guys

Ok so the topic doesnt explain too well however. Ive got an ISP based in Italy (Fastweb) basically how it works is they set you up with a router which you can access (nice of them) which is all preconfigured for the ISP. I managed to get myself into the router config and noticed that it is configured as a network bridge.
They dish out 3 (wow generous!) internet ips on the 38. network range which as I understand are not public IP addresses. Heading to whatismyip shows I have a totally different internet address so this is once again confirmed.

My problem is obvious, I dont think there is really ANYWAY to configure this box to be accessible from the outside world?

Normally with a windows box you can setup VNC or something, and might be able to create some sort of script to do a reverse connection as opposed to the outside connecting in, the connections initiates from the machine internally but allows the outside user to control the inside machine. I know that can be done, however with the WDTV its a little more complex as its not a windows environment.

The main reason being is that I would love to be able to connect to the nzbget interface from the outside world and be able to check download progress, schedule downloads and what not. Kinda left me really angry now that I have this wonderful system going and am still unable to access it from outside world due to ISP. Any other and i could have setup port forwarding through router which would have been easy.

Dont suppose there is anyone out there with linux skills or app knowledge who knows perhaps of a program which connects say to a website and sits there listening for connections permantely. If net drops out it reconnects and so forth. From the outside wherever I am i can connect to this website with a logon or somesuch and be able to connect into the machine inside the bricked up network?

Like that I could terminal if I wanted, browse the 80 data of nzbget and suchlike.

Any ideas? Pretty much ruling out that it can be achieved. Maybe brad will have another miracle idea :)

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