Author Topic: media server fileformat problems  (Read 971 times)

February 08, 2010, 08:01:44 AM
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When I use a media server on my Windows XP-laptop (I have tried TVersity and Wild Media Server) the media server shows up on my WDTV Live mediaplayer alright, I can choose a film (xvid, divx, mpeg, mkv) in a directory and the mediaplayer goes to the directory and starts up. Then the screen goes blank, after 10 seconds it says: "Wrong file format. See the manual". How is that possible, when both mediaservers boast about being able to play almost anything, and so does WDTV live? What am I doing wrong? And how do other people get their media servers to function properly? Wild Media Server even has a special tag for WDTV Live in the devicebox.