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January 31, 2010, 08:23:45 PM
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***So sorry, I posted this in the wrong group. Reposted under WDTV Live. Administrator, please remove. Thank you ****

I'm using WDTV Live primarily to display the thousands of photos on a 1080P 24" monitor via HDMI while simultaneously playing Pandora music. It is absolutely amazing to see the high quality photos on the monitor, a superior solution to the small photo frames on the market and (very) expensive large monitor photo  frames. The photo frame is a magnet, everyone who comes into the house cannot take their eyes off of the monitor as photos old and new keep running.

I run the Slideshows in Repeat All and Shuffle mode against a local drive (WD Passport.)

The following features would have high value everyone using your photo slideshow capabilities. It would be wonderful if you could consider these enhancements to the Shuffle feature (shown in order of importance):

1) Track photos that have been displayed so they are not repeated until all photos are shown during a Shuffle sequence. Once all photos have been shown, restart the process by clearing the tracked photos.  I'm am currently running about 3000 photos with a 10 second delay and I'm surprised to see photos repeated so frequently. As my photo slideshow grows, being able to see all of the photos over a period of time will become important.

2) For a given directory or photo show, keep track of the photos so when restarting the show on another day, photos from previous days are not seen again.

3) Allow a user to specify a tag so only photos with that tag are shown. E.G., Vacations, Grandchilden, Nature, Animals, etc. Note that I can manage this my creating multiple directories with each slideshow series.

Thank you again for the wonderful product, it has been a delight to my entire family.
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