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January 24, 2010, 01:46:26 PM
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Hello folks

I have a question about a 60hz issue i have with my new WDTV Live...
Before i bought this box, i had the WDTV1, and i always used 720P/60hz with my Tatung 32" TV to avoid "stuttering". Im no expert in this, but i noticed that its similar on both the old box and the new box that the 50hz makes my MKV movies have a real short stutter every second or so, showing up a little bit too good when the camera is scrolling slowly over something...
Using 60hz on the old box fixed this problem....
However, on the new WDTV Live, now running the newest 17 software, im not able to make my TV go 60hz. When i choose 720P/60hz the box says that it is running 60hz, but TV stays in 50hz. This was never a problem with the old box.
Is there a way to fix this? Im currently running Component 1080i/60hz instead, and this works good but i can see that the picture quality is lower with component than with the HDMI....I did btw try 1080i/60hz also on the HDMI but same problem. It reports 50hz

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