Author Topic: (help) wdtv does not see my hd  (Read 978 times)

January 19, 2010, 06:51:50 AM
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im having promblem with my new Hardrive and wdtv.
i have a 1.5tb WDC caviar green. connected with a harddrive dock.

it is working fine with my computer but when i connected to the wdtv
wdtv does not see my harddrive...
my harddrive is formated in ntfs.

ive tried other external storage and wdtv can see and play all media that ive put in there...

any ideal why my 1.5tb caviar does not work ?


January 19, 2010, 01:30:15 PM
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Any spaces or special symbols in the partition name?  If yes get rid of them and try again.

Does it still have the out-of-the-box formatting or have you reformatted it.

Sometimes there is a small hidden partition with backup program or something else that might screw things up.

Put it on your computer and try to look at the actual partitions.  In windows XP it would be Right click on My Computer icon and click "Manage".  Then choose Storage/Disk Management.  Then look at the partitions and see if there is anything other than one big partition.  Other versions should have the same thing.