Author Topic: Sound gone with External Subtitle On  (Read 1648 times)

January 15, 2010, 12:09:21 AM
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Hi all,
When I put both the 1080p MKV (around 9-11GB files) and the external subtitle file (.srt) together, the sound playback (DTS or Dolby Digital) will go off after playing for about 10+ minutes. If i fast forward and rewind the movie for a while the sound playback will resume. This happens to some of the 1080p MKVs playback.

PFB for my setup:
1. WDTV - 1st Gen
2. WD My Book Essential 1TB
3. Onkyo AVR (WDTV connect direct to AVR via HDMI)

I am not sure whether its because of the large file size of the MKV or its common for all external subtitles, or could it be the WDTV will be overloaded if both MKV and the external srt will need to be processed at the same time. But since the WDTV will just bitstream the sound signal to my AVR, i suppose the load will also be lower, right? Do you guys have any idea on this?

Thanks and looking forward for some advise  ;)


February 17, 2010, 12:07:28 PM
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It's an external subtitle problem. I've had this problem since the day-1 (the day I unboxed wdtv)...
There seems to be no solution other than re-muxing the mkv file and put the subtitle in mkv.
This problem shows itself always/mostly if a mkv file has both internal and external subtitles. Although; sometimes it also happens with mkv files with only external subtitles.

I'm thinkin of getting rid of wdtv just because of this, because; 99 percent of videos I watch have external .srt subtitles and I cant waste time by remuxing...

Does anyone know if wdtv v2 or live also has this problem?