Author Topic: [HOW TO] Convert on MAC OS a DTS track to AC3 in a MKV file  (Read 3648 times)

January 08, 2010, 05:45:40 AM
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Hey everyone !!!

I think that everybody has this problem, convert on MAC OS a DTS track to AC3 in a MKV file without any command line or BOOTCAMP

After a lot of search, i've find the solution. The only problem : the AC3 track has a 448kb/s bitrate

Applications :

DTS to AC3 convertor


the complet pack can be download here :
Warning : MKVToolnix must be in the "application" folder

Step 1 : Extraction of the DTS file from your MKV file with iMkvExtract

- Launch iMkvExtract
- Select your MKV file
- Just keep the DTS file you want
- Change or not the destination folder
- Extract

Your have now your DTS file

Step 2 : Convert the DTS file on the AC3 format

- Rename the extension of your DTS file on DTS (iMkvExtract will extract  a track : "audio.???")
- Drag your audio.dts on the "DTS to AC3 convertor" icone
Warning : Don't launch "DTS to AC3 convertor" before, you have to open your dts file with the application

The conversion will be made in "invisible mode" but you can see a ac3 file on your desktop
After, click "leave on me desktop"

Step 3 : Ajout de la piste AC3 a votre fichier DTS

- Launch MKVToolnix
- Select the initial MKV file
- Select the AC3 file
- You can define the language of your AC3 file
- You can define the priority of your AC3 against the DTS file
- You can deselect the DTS file to just keep AC3 (you win 1,5go !)
- Select the destination file
- Click on "Start Muxing"

Enjoy !!
( sorry for my english ;) )