Author Topic: 1 movie, 30 blocks  (Read 882 times)

January 06, 2010, 11:34:19 PM
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ive been using this for a while and its pretty sweet, but theres a few things that are irratating.  for example. there are a few movies that ive added and when you go to ALL VIDEOS and look for that movie.  there should just be one box. but theres like 20 or so.all the same title.  and today i added a bunch of shit and theres like 4 of everyone when i scroll thru ALL VIDEO.   when i look at the external hard drive on the comptuer there is only one AVI listed on there.  and some times when i first start a video or something with sound; the sound wont work but the video will be playing. and the only way i can get the sound on is to turn it off then turn it back on again.  works everytime but its kinda annoying.  and i unplug the hard drive alot and its pretty big so every time i plug it back in it has to scan for the usb. and that takes a couple minutes but not to bad.  oh and is there a way i can have a lettering system so i just go to a certain letter then find it