Author Topic: Free DLNA SERVERs - Tested or Reports problems  (Read 47660 times)

August 03, 2010, 06:50:24 AM
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If you guys are using any dlna server with the WDTV Live you need to check out the EyeconTroller if you have an android or iphone. The new android app and the iphone is coming out soon.

Their website is

They told me they are going to change the website to reflect the changes. You no longer need the PC Download. The android app in the market works on its own. You need the .99cent version. If the free one is still there, do not get it. It is the old format in which you need the PC server and it does not work. The iphone app is coming soon.

I have been using it with Twonky and PS3 Media server and it works great. You can search your videos or look at your folders on your phone and push it to your player. If you have multiple players you can see what someone else is watching. You can even search for youtube videos and push them right to the WDTV.

I really do not like solutions like this. And when bandwidth problems arise (and they will) you are in for a treat.
And what's with the dreadful video and bad website?
Thanks, but no thanks.