Author Topic: Converting HD-DVD to MKV  (Read 11454 times)

April 28, 2009, 11:17:05 AM
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Yes, just do a stream extraction in meGUI and MKV mux the main video and audio files.

You WILL run out of space  ;)
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April 29, 2009, 06:41:06 PM
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You can do this with AnyDVD and meGUI very easily and fairly quick. 

Rip the HD-DVD to your hard disk with AnyDVD.  Then open meGUI and under tools select HD Stream Extractor.

Find the directory that holds your EVO files.  Run the extractor and in the new window you will see different parts of the disk. 

Select the main feature.  Now select the audio and video streams that you want and any subtitles.  Then extract them.

Finally, use MKV Muxer under the tools menu to combine them into a playable full rez MKV file.
Thanks very much for the help. I was able to get a workable version after a few false starts and I've still got some additional experimenting to do. One thing I did notice is that after muxing the audio in the total file size went from 12GB to 10GB - which doesn't seem right. I'm guessing it's due to which filters I wound up choosing.

For the audio I had to go from EAC3 to AC3. Is there a way to keep the original EAC3?

May 05, 2009, 04:10:55 PM
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I use AnyDVD HD to rip the disc to hard drive, then use EVOdemux to demux into mpv/mpa/sup, and then use TSMuxer to remux it into a very large .m2ts, then depending on my mood either use that on the WD, or encode it further with MeGUI into a 10-13GB .mkv.

I am curious what x264 settings you used to get an encode time of 8 hours? Did you resize to 720p?