Author Topic: 1.01.11 firmware issues with PlayOn  (Read 992 times)

December 16, 2009, 07:55:26 AM
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I have a WD TV Live with firmware 1.01.11 hooked up to a standard def TV using composite cables.  I have PlayOn trial version installed on my Vista 64-bit PC (core i7 with 6GB RAM).  I have also installed a bunch of PlayOn scripts for various channels.  Most of the files work fine on my PS3 which is hooked up to my HDTV, but for all files on the WD TV Live it thinks for a few seconds, then identifies the audio stream and apparently plays the video, but there is no picture or sound output to the TV.  The reason I say it is apparently playing because if I display the info bar at the bottom, it shows the timer increasing.  Considering that this works on my PS3, I'm  guessing the problem is with the WD TV Live.  Or is there some option in PlayOn to get it to work with SD TV?  Any help would be appreciated.