Author Topic: WDTV live + r2-jbod enclosure  (Read 1525 times)

December 07, 2009, 10:27:22 AM
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alright i have a odd problem was hoping if anyone has anyideas .

i have a r2-jbod enclosure ( and before transferring my media to both 1.5 tb drives i had dropped one BRrip into one drive and another in the same enclosure different drive.  hooked up the enclosure to the wdtv live and it read both files and if i went to the "Folder" option it would show both drives respectfully .

today after filling up a drive and loading up some of the other drive i hooked it back up to the WDTV-live and now it only reads 1 hard drive and the other drive is not shown. period

i was wondering if anyone could help point me in the right direction . on the reviews for the product someone mentioned it worked on wdtv live and i was looking forward to having the r2-jbod as my main enclosure .

any help or ideas would be great.  both drives are seagates 1.5 tb drive formatted in ntfs .

Edit: was just trying out other ways in hooking it up and if i use the side usb i get drive 2 and if i use the back usb i get drive 1. anyone know a way to fix this ?
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