Author Topic: HDMI output handshake problem/1080p via component figured out  (Read 2741 times)

November 24, 2009, 08:51:17 AM
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So just got my WDTV live yesterday.  I have been using the original WDTV #1 for10 months now connected to my TV via HDMI with no problems.  I now connect the live via the same HDMI cable and same setting as the original WDTV and my TV briefly shows the GUI of the live then flickers and says not supported. I connected the Live to my PC monitor via HDMI and everything works great.  I can also see the Live via component and this works fine.

Been searching all of the net and this forum and tried everything from 3 different cable, cutting some of the plastic back for the cable to expose more of the connection, resetting the Live and my TV, and tries varies powering order with no success. When I connect via component and try to change to HDMI output it keeps going back to the component.  I have also installed the latest firmware.  All by HDMI cables or gold plated and 1.3b.

I found this thread to be very interesting but cannot open the bin file.  Any help would be appreciated in opening this file.  

TV is vizioVOJ370F

I did figure out how to get 1080p via component.  I did the fallowing:

1-plug in the live via component with HDMI cable not plugged in
2-Set up the Live via component output to 1080i and save setting.
3-turn off the live.
4-plug in the HDMI cable while keeping the component connected
5-Power back on the Live and I see 1080p on my TV via the component

This does hold this setting when I turn off the Live.  Does not hold this setting if I unplug a cable.

**Update....I have noticed that it will change back to 720p via the component but all I do is change my TV to HDMI 2 until the TV screen says "not support" then change the input back to component and it's back to 1080p

So for now getting 1080p via component but frustrated because want the HDMI like the original WDTV to get the digital audio.

Would appreciate any help or thoughts on this.

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