Author Topic: BUG v1.01.11 Delay in video Playback between MTS (avchd) files in a folder  (Read 1483 times)

November 22, 2009, 05:51:37 AM
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There has been a report previously as a feature request - .  However I think it is definitely a bug since there is no delay with other types of mp4 files.   I see a 5 to 10 seconds delay when I play back consecutive files in a folder (local usb attached).  It looks as if wdtvlive box is not pre fectching the next file in this case even though the user intention is to play all files in folder.   That is sadly a huge bug and annoyance especially when we have several short clips on camcorder - avchd format.

codec info from a hf100 camcorder- looks like wdtvlive is very slow to decode this fomat.   Over wireless network it is much more than 10 seconds (nearly 30 seconds either on wireless n or g)
extension .mts
original id-4532
sample rate-48000 hz
bitrate-256 kb/s

original id-4113
resolution - 1440X1080
display resolution-1440X1080
frame rate-59.940059
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