Author Topic: Mounting SMB Shares on a WDTV Live to get around issues in firmware  (Read 2942 times)

November 20, 2009, 04:54:08 AM
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Hi there - another newb checking in. So I was reading this thread - which I see is now solved, so I thought Ild create a new thread and link you to..

I have an Apple Airport Extreme base station and I'ld like to use a mounted Airdisk on that (which the AEBS shares out via AFS and SMB/CIFS). For some reason the WDTV Live has other ideas and takes > 10 minutes to even show the AEBS on the network. WD Support hasnt been very much use.

So I'm wondering, by mounting the SMB shares locally, I assume it does this upon startup? Do you think that mounting the SMB shares directly like this would be a workaround to the problem I'm facing? (other than plugging the USB drive on the AEBS directly in the WDTV Live)?

Thanks - Steve