Author Topic: Need advise: MKV(wmv3,wma2) -> MKV with WD TV playable audio  (Read 2433 times)

November 12, 2009, 08:42:10 AM
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I'm new to the WD TV and I need some advise on how to convert some .mkv files that don't play audio on the WD TV.

I have a source file in mastroska format that contains:
video: wmv3 v9, 1280x720, 16bits
audio: wma2, stereo, 44.1kHz 16bit

The video plays correctly but the audio is unrecognized on the WD TV. I tried MKVaudioconverter, but it can't handle the audio. I've given it several tries in Super with different settings, but it terminates with an error or converts extremely slow.

I currently am trying to convert the file with Super using the following settings:
Container: MKV, video: H264/AVC, audio: AC3
video settings: 1280:720, 16:9, 60 fps, 1248 kbps, Hi quality, stretch, 48k audio
audio settings: 48khz, 2 channel, 160 kbps.
DirectShow decode enabled

Until now Super hasn't terminated with an error, which it did on my prior attempts, but it runs extremely slow. After 4 hours of converting it's only on like 2%. At this rate it will take more than a week to convert 1 video (and I still don't know if it will work or not).

Does anybody know a way to do this conversion? Any tips on settings/tools to use?

February 11, 2010, 05:36:28 AM
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No need to change the video since the wdtv can play it.
Personnally, I use MediaCoder with Matroska (mkv) container, Copy Video and Lame MP3 for audio conversion (with the same bitrate as the original audio). It's much quicker to convert when you just change audio.