Author Topic: How does WDTVlive play urls/files/flv/youtube  (Read 3028 times)

November 08, 2009, 02:38:09 AM
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From what I understand WDTVlive is a renderer.

Say you have a upnp server.  In it you have some directories.  Say you have a files named weeqe.avi adsa.flv.  Now the WDTV can somehow play flvs since you can watch youtube.  But why can't you just click on a .flv and play it.  Does the WDlive change the extension and have a hidden way to play flvs?

How does the WDtvlive play weblinks.  Now playon might be doing something special.  However the WDTVlive must be capable of playing web links since it can play youtube urls.  How does it do this ftp?  

If you have a upnp server running is there any special file you can put in it that treats a weblink like a file?  Thus if you click it it will play in the player.

In a shared media folder, is it possible to put some type of link to a web url or web file and play it?

Confused on how the device plays web based files.
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