Author Topic: Are there any instructions/DIY/steps to modifying the WDTV live firmware/OS?  (Read 3102 times)

October 30, 2009, 06:14:06 AM
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Can anyone list the steps it takes to modify the default WDTV live firmware/OS boot files for our own use?

I have tried the b-rad firmware modification and would like to do my own changes to the default system.  I have mounted the image under Linux and looked around.

Is the binary that is packaged, JUST the one partition with the MD5 at the beginning of the file?  Can one just mount that file with the offset to skip the MD5 and then make changes and unmount it? How do you recalc the MD5 and then apply it to the new .bin? With DD?

I would like to make changes to the way the SMB client works on the WDTV live and I would rather do it myself but do not know anything about how you repackage this after changes are made.  

Is there any writeups from start to finish on modifying the original WDTV unit Linux system that could be applied to this?

I am hoping there are multiple people that want to do system level modifications to this unit.  When I looked at the WDTV it looks like there were a few people but interest dropped off and some of those people are not around anymore? and am hoping someone released the steps to accomplish this.

The potential for the Live seems like so much more compared to the WDTV since it has built in wired network support with the DTS and faster processor.

Thanks for any information or pointers to information.

November 01, 2009, 07:47:24 AM
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<aol>me to</aol>

If the TVIX M-7000 PVR can be squeezed out of the less powerful SMP8635 chipset then we should be able to build something much more interesting with this board.