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I have updated the 1.03.01 pre-release for use with ext3-boot 0.9.2 firmware...
should include all custom updates from 1.02.10 , but with fixed show of IP address in welcome info and about window from original 0.9.2 ext3-boot.

Only found OsdMod 0.5 incompatible here, rest seems to work fine..
problems seems to be new changes in Osd, so it OsdMod needs an update to work.

v1.03.01 - obsolete

v1.03.01 fix - updated version
 - addded view enhancement (missing from older release) as suggested by Mike2k8 , thanks.
 - added danish language support (only works on standard OSD) (see enclosed readme.txt for info)
 - included rezmus fix for more fontsizes and the polish language add.

great work

Rev Drew:
yup, Th@nX dexter, much appreciated indeed.

sebastiaan15  - link works fine, just tried it, downloaded fine for me.

Good man!

really great work, runs smooth

but can you make the ->subs font size patch <- in it for bigger subs

that would be nice ;D


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