Which UI you want to see adapted for your WDTV Live ?

based on "simple and unadorned"
26 (40.6%)
based on "minimalistic"
10 (15.6%)
a fresh new one
24 (37.5%)
I don't care about custom UI
4 (6.3%)
stop polluting the topic with your f*ck*ng OSD mods !
0 (0%)

Total Members Voted: 63

Author Topic: Custom UI for your WDTV Live  (Read 28322 times)

November 06, 2009, 09:20:14 PM
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This is stupid. I'm not going to sit here and argue with you. I've said my piece. As for the OP, he was pretty specifically asking for people's opinions based on his past work. You know, his past work on the WDTV1. Interestingly, that +still+ has nothing to do with XBMC. As for XBMC's popularity, duh. I specifically stated that I myself ran XBMC for years and loved it. My point is that this machine is +nothing+ like the platform that XBMC was designed for. I used XBMC for exactly the same things I use the WDTV Live for. And any way you look at it, the WDTV Live does it better. In every way.

And perhaps I'm genuinely wrong about this, it's entirely possible; but your "As for 'GIVING THEIR WORK AWAY FOR FREE' thats by their choice. No one is forcing them to do so" business makes your following statement about being thankful sound horrifically insincere and shallow.

I do, however, genuinely applaud your more recent interest / effort in actually *contributing* to the WDTV Live Homebrew community. I've been customizing the UI to varying degrees for a couple weeks, myself, however, and I'm really not trying to be critical here, but, I don't see a single trace of the stock theme in your mock-up. Maybe I'm confused as to your intention, but, the .jpg you linked to looks MUCH better than the stock UI, but I don't see any of the "incorporation" you mentioned. Can you maybe mock up a few more screens, to illustrate your thoughts? I'd be +very+ interested in seeing more of that style of UI on the WDTV Live, although, to shut any possible pundits before they start whining, I also don't see any resemblance to XBMC in it.

Hope to see more excellent community contributions,


November 06, 2009, 10:22:30 PM
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Lilibabe -
Im sitting here looking at the live's stock osd. what if the minimalistic was incorporated into the stock osd.

I could work up a psd file that can explain a little better....

Edit: Something like this    http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2504/4081308015_c3ae2503ce.jpg
The background would change at each different category though...ei, music,movies,pictures....ect..

For now I'm too busy with other projects, maybe far far later...
If you appreciate my work and want to contribute, feel free to donate at http://wdtv.free.fr/

November 07, 2009, 06:13:23 AM
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I will post some more in a few days or so...