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New WDTV Software Update 1.03.01 Discussion Thread

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A surprise new update.  I will be curious to see how the MKV lip sync works now. 

Post all your comments and findings here!



Hubs still broke for anyone wondering.

eh why edit who is it hurting.

I don't see any major improvement that worth the 1.03... :'(
I don't think I'll upgrade. :-\

Adding menu support to ISO's or new language srt support that's worth new digit ::)

I really wish they'd add movie sheet support.  Will test this one out tomorrow.

Yes, not really big changes since the last beta, and it's still a beta !

Still no file manager and preview browser implemented... xml/gfx files are the same as v.1.02.11.

But 1.03.01 is a good number because it's symmetrical  ::)


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