Author Topic: Anyone else having problems with streaming and power line adapters??  (Read 1476 times)

October 21, 2009, 01:50:07 PM
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hello, obvious newb here,

i am planning on running cat 6 in wall with a switch from my router but until then i have a power line ethernet adapter (from Directv) which is connected to a trendnet switch. i am having problems seeing all my shares (xp comp), and when i do see them and try to play, mp4. mkvs. ect. i get major studder and choppy with out any sound.  but pandora, and youtube stream flawlessly . I've read about all the network problems, but am wondering if i should try a cat 6 run or wait for the fw update.

thanks for indulging a newb!!


October 21, 2009, 02:16:40 PM
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What is the model number of the ethernet powerline adapters from DirecTV? 

Depending on the model and speed of the adapters, that could be a problem right there.  Then again powerline adapters are notorious for being buggy and problem-ridden. 

October 27, 2009, 07:58:00 PM
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G'day Mark,

I HAD problems with my EoverP but discovered that they perform better the closer they are to the power point at the wall.  Mine work fine now at 1080.

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