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November 07, 2009, 05:47:01 AM
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I see several people asking "What will this do for me?"

It is all spelled out on B-rad's site.  Go to:

His firmware helps in two major ways:  1) He is adding some features that are helpful for everyone (tech or non-techncial) and 2) He is openening the door for others to add features since the firmware is now opened up.

Here are some features that non-techncial users would notice:
user customizable background & screen saver images ** new **

selectable 4/8/10/12/21 video thumb view (see Changelog)

selectable 4/6/8 file list view (see Changelog)

sleectable 10/15 photo/music thumb view (see Changelog)

all media (including network shares & optical devices) can be viewed in ĎAll Videosí  USB Hub support

external dvd drive capability with cd-manager-0.7 **fixed**   (Requires some technical knowledge but can now add external DVD!)

USB Hub Support (Add more than 2 USB devices)

November 07, 2009, 09:06:05 AM
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I see several people asking "What will this do for me?"

It is all spelled out on B-rad's site.  Go to:
Thanks for the summary, but just to clarify... you are talking about the WDTV Live firmware mod, or...?  You might not have noticed this is a Live thread.

And second, have you tried it yourself, personally?

Unfortunately, it's quite easy to mix up the two units.  Your link points to the WDTV1 firmware for starters.

I believe this is the right link for Live units:

November 08, 2009, 12:16:01 PM
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My concern is this net.mounts...  Do you have to manually configure this net.mounts to see files on windows computers or is it like the stock firmware where my windows computers and the files on those computer showed up automatically?

I have noticed a lot of ppl on the forums having problems getting the live with the hacked firmware to see there windows shares (folders/files).

This is one thing that I have not seen a step-by-step on. (or im just not looking hard enough - which is probably the case)