Author Topic: 5.1 Audio Not Working  (Read 2510 times)

February 12, 2009, 12:17:33 AM
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I bought this unit as a project present for my wife to make a jukebox of kids movies to eliminate disc juggling. I've been using the unit for about 5 weeks and trying to get up to speed on terminology and technology for coverting video.

My problem is I am unable to get 5.1 audio for whatever reason. I can switch to stereo on the WDTV and I get stereo sound through my receiver ok. Formats I have tried so far are .mp4 container in avchd and native mpeg2 in .mpg. I am going to try a native dvd .iso file next. Are there formats that work better than others with this unit?

My connection setup is this:

WDTV -> HDMI to Samsung TV -> RCA analog to Yamaha receiver
WDTV -> Toslink to Yamaha receiver

I flashed the firmware to 1.01.02 when I bought the unit last month. I kind of hit a brick wall Googling around as I am still learning about this world of video transcoding. I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction.



February 14, 2009, 08:57:19 PM
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I am not sure from your question if the source files you are using are 5.1 encoded to begin with.   The best way to maximize your compatibility with this device is to use MKV files.   They are fast becoming the standard for video entertainment.  If you are going from SD DVDs then use a program like DVDfab to convert each movie or episode into 1 VOB.  This does not require transcoding and as such is fast.   It will maintain the original audio and play no problem on the WDTV.

WDTV LIVE with current official FW > HDMI > DVDO > Sony CRT Projector 150" 16/9 screen.  Toslink audio to Yamaha DTS receiver. No Network set up yet.