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October 12, 2009, 05:17:41 PM
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I've owned it for a day now.  I bought this mainly for the component outputs, since my older HDTV does not have HDMI.

Menus, thumbnails load much quicker.  Size of jpg doesn't tend to matter, as this loads many thumbnails that I never bothered resizing for the WDTV1.

I forgot the Playon server was still on my computer from when I attempted to use it with djmount on the WDTV1 (without success, was way to slow and choppy).  I plugged my new WDTV Live into my network, and it saw all my Playon folders right away (Hulu, Netflix, Espn, plus some others from playonplugins).  The videos are actually watchable on the new box.  I'm impressed with how fast the videos load, and how good some of them look.  Netflix streamed well, but it does take several minutes for the movie to start.

Separate from this, the Live comes with Youtube.  Videos play well thru youtube, and are quick loading.  Search function works well.  A big step up from what we have seen on the WDTV1.

Clearly its the initial release of firmware.  Photos show up in the videos folder.  Have to navigate thru many menus to access video stored on my WDTV1 harddrive (but at least they are there and accessible).  Most video shares play very well.  I did try one large bluray movie (14gb I think) streaming from WDTV1 to WDTV Live, and it was too choppy to watch.  All others look good.

Its tough to look at the menus when I'm used to lilibabe's menu.  It is similar to WDTV1's menu.

Comes with an installation CD.  Start the program on that, and it quickly finds the Live box and provides a drive on your Windows computer for the WDTV Live network drive.  Ubuntu also found it by looking at network shares.  Easy to assign a static IP in the WDTV options.  FTP into this IP gets refused.  Dragging and dropping movies works well, but only if WDTV Live is turned on.  Transferred large files at a rate of 5.6 Mb/sec from Ubuntu to Live drive formatted as EXT2. 

Had 2 partitions formatted as EXT2.  One was 1.3TB and the other 1.0GB at the end (intended for boot files).  The second partition was recognized, but I got a message that media library could not load (or something like that), because it needed 3GB free space.  I decided to delete that partition and leave it as free space until needed.  The error message went away.

October 13, 2009, 11:12:47 AM
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Thanks for your first look at the WDTV Live.

I'm pretty much interested wether they improved PHOTOS slideshow and stuff.
Could you tell us something about that? First thing that comes to mind is the slow speed of the old model.