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January 24, 2011, 08:16:43 AM
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I am hoping to resolve the issue where the WDTV Live Plus displays jpg files in Video Mode.  From what I understand I should be able to remedy this bug by installing the lastest custom firmware, and adding my network share as a local drive in net.mounts.  My media is stored on a Windows Home Server (so basically using SMB).

Is this how I would go about doing this?

Edit the net.mounts file to have the lines (are these the only lines I need to have in the file, can I delete the rest?)

xmount // Movies cifs user=username,pass=password
xmount // Television cifs user=username,pass=password

Copy the following files to a USB thumb drive

Unplug the power from the WDTV Live Plus

Connect the USB thumb drive to the WDTV Live Plus

Plug the power back in, and wait for the firmware upgrade process

Is that all I have to do? 

What should I see when I turn on the WDTV after that, should I automatically see Movies and Television as locally mounted drives?

From this point on, can I remove the USB drive?  Or do I need to leave it plugged in for the WDTV to find the net.mounts file everytime it is turned on?

What happens if the WDTV loses power, do I need to plug the USB key back in?  Does it just need the net.mounts file on it, or does it need all of the firmware files on it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks

(Edit: Guess I should have actually posted this in WDTV LIVE Homebrew / Custom Firmware, but I think it applies to both devices just the same)
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January 25, 2011, 06:00:18 AM
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Yes,the only lines in net.mounts should be the ones to mount your shares.
(but you do not need net.mounts in the LIVE,you only need in wdtv 1)

Yes,that is the only thing you have to do (update firmware and wait until it finishes)

When the box reboots,you should see the menu,and you should see your network shares listed and accessible.
You can remove the usb stick once the firmware is installed.

As you see there are differences between the LIVE and gen1,as you do not need more than update the firmware,you do not need net.mounts.

This are the reasons to post the questions in the appropriate section in the forum