Author Topic: BUG v1.02.07 - WDTV reboots itself twice + menu output problem  (Read 1302 times)

October 01, 2009, 07:34:13 AM
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Hi folks,

Just got my WDTV and flashed it to 1.02.07.  I have a 500GB Buffalo drive connected to it with various files (thousands of images with probably around 50 movie files).  Problem is that WDTV takes a long time to initialize the USB device.  I noticed that it reboot itself before the main menu comes up.  But once it's up, I can play the movie files w/o any problems.

In addition, I've set the display resolution to 720p 60Hz.  If I turn off the unit and turn it on again later, the image get garbled.  It's as though the resolution is set incorrectly.

BTW, I have the unit connected via HDMI.

Anyone has encountered such problems?

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