Author Topic: Bug 1.02.07 Video doesn't keep up with FF through MPEG  (Read 1178 times)

September 26, 2009, 07:23:40 PM
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When I fast forward through MPEG files, the time display accurately displays the position in the video, but the video display lags far behind.  This is very annoying since I mostly use my WDTV as a VCR replacement, playing MPEGs created on a PC using Vista Windows Media Center to record over-the-air programs from an HDTV tuner.  All I want to do is skip commercials.  However, if I keep fast forwarding until the picture shows the end of the commercials, between ten and twenty minutes of the actual recording has gone by.  I'm forced to guess when the commercials end--I FF a couple of minutes, stop, and play at normal speed to see if the show has resumed.  I keep doing this until the commercials are over.  This is a real nuisance.

I'm watching on a 720P HDTV over an HDMI connection.  The display resolution is set to auto.