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This is a new section of the site.  The powers that be (our WD overlords) have requested an area where they can accurately and concisely analyze firmware bugs as well as realistic feature requests (NOTE: The separate section is now active for Requests) .  Because this device can be used in so many different configurations, we as a community can share our unique needs, and all benefit.

As it is in our best interest to give Western Digital the correct information which will likely lead to an improved product,
we are setting a few rules for this section of the forum.

A) All topics must include the firmware version followed by the subject.  Conform to this SAMPLE > "BUG v1.02.02 No DTS sound through Toslink" or "REQ v1.02.02 Chapter Support in MKVs"

                 Please search for your topic before adding a duplicate one. 

B) Be specific.  Mention your connections and resolutions if relevant.

C) Feel free to disagree but keep your comments polite and logical. 

               (No comments like "WTF do you need flac for you loser, MP3s are just as good." BUT "flac files! Those are crazy HUGE" is just fine)

D) BE VOCAL!  If there is a thread you agree with then add a reply stating that.  Same with why you disagree.  Let WD know that by making a comment. 

E) Feel free to start new threads here on ALL topics of Bugs or features regardless of whether they exist outside this new section of the forum.

F) Post only Bugs from OFFICIAL FIRMWARE in this area.  All homebrew Bugs go in the Homebrew section.

Thanks guys!  :)

I will be reading this forum when I have time. If you guys can do a good job of documenting bugs you encounter I think it could really help make the WDTV better. Thanks!

you should read this forum over RSS link for Subscribe
or add this URL to Thunderbird or other RSS reader thats saving time :)

ummm...i think this should be two distinct forum groups. In no time this will be 1,394,509 feature requests interspersed with 5 bugs. Making the release in the title of the request post makes things even more complicated, feature requests are feature requests...you can't exactly get a new feature in an old version and you sure can't get a new feature in the version you're requesting it in, it would obviously be delivered in a later version.

i agree with b-rad.  I've posted my 2 cents in terms of REQ, and the number of threads has gone up pretty quickly.  I know it's a REQ/BUG forum, but theres gotta be some split here.

BUGS should be the main of this forum, as it's to help the developers sort out the features that are currently there.  Getting our requests listened to is so rare that i think the WD guys will find the forum a chore to look through, and thats the last thing we want.


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